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Premium Staffing Services

Your staff is the backbone of your company. Let us help you find the best people in your industry!


$25.50/per person per pay period
  • Oversight for Local, State and Federal Workplace Compliance
  • State Department of Labor Claims Processing
  • Provide Human Resources Based on Job Descriptions and Scope
  • Facilitate Signing of Employment Agreements & NDAs
  • Leave of Absence Management
  • I-9 Verifications
  • Administer Bonuses & Commissions Based on Pre-Approved Incentives
  • Benefits Hotline for Questions & Problem-Solving
  • Ensure Accurate Medical Benefits Administration & Cost Tracking
  • Benefits Hotline For Questions & Problem-Solving
  • Organize & Store Confidential Employee Records on Secure Server


$35.50/per person per pay period
  • Everything in Basic & Value
  • Claims Administration for Healthcare & Workers' Compensation
  • Background Checks ($50 Cost Charged Back)
  • COBRA and HIPPA Administration
  • Track Progressional Licensing & Certifications
  • Conduct & Assist with Regular Performance Reviews
  • Coordinate Team-Building Events
  • Develop & Execute Employee Strategy
  • Facilitate Training & Support